WM in Brasilien abgesagt!



Monza, 17th May 2017

RE: Announcement - WAKO World Championships 2017

Dear WAKO Members,

Please read this announcement very carefully and ensure you inform your members.

Due to various internal circumstances in Brazil I am sorry to announce that the upcoming World Championship in Salvador, Bahia, in Brazil in October (K1, Low-Kick and Light-Contact) has been cancelled. We have worked proactively in the last weeks to try and bring about a solution, but unfortunately been unable to do so. As President I immediately searched for opportunities to ensure protection of our athletes and WAKO IF in general. Considering that we are in the month of May already I find it unrealistic initiating a full bid process and my team have investigated the most realistic solution, to move all disciplines to Budapest, Hungary. We have also looked at other options, but we found a big uncertainty this close to the Championship. After a period of negotiation I am happy to announce that we have agreed on the solution to move ALL WAKO disciplines to Budapest. For the promoter this caused some significant challenges for which included capacity, accommodation, logistics and dates. However, this challenge has been solved and a new Sport-Hall and Hotels are changed, but we also needed to change the date. Let me also ensure that the change does not affect our finances and we have protected WAKO’s interest.


Regeln überarbeitet

Updated rules and regulations

Published on Friday, 05 August 2016 20:03

Dear WAKO members,

We are pleased to inform you that WAKO rules and regulations have been updated.

Hereby you can find the link in relation to the changes of rules which have become effective SINCE 1ST AUGUST 2016 and approved by the WAKO Board:

Please ensure you send the rule changes to all your officials and coaches, so that everybody is aware of the changes.

We will over the coming days work at inserting the rule changes in the master documents online, but before doing that we give you a high level overview so you are fully informed of the main changes.

Please take time to carefully read and go through these changes to understand them.

Kind regards,

Barbara Falsoni
WAKO IF Administration

Information about World Games 2017

Dear WAKO members,

For the first time in history WAKO will participate as invitational sport in the WORLD GAMES, that will take place in the city of Wroclaw, Poland, on 20-30 July 2017.
For the next edition in 2021 WAKO aims to participate as a full sport.
As President of WAKO I am pleased to communicate some practical information to you about this important event.

Please read carefully the enclosed document.

Best regards,

Prof. Borislav Pelević, Ph. D.
WAKO President 

2016 Prohibited List comes into force

Montreal, 4 January 2016

Dear Stakeholders,

We would like to remind you that the 2016 List of Prohibited Substances and Methods took effect on 1 January 2016.

The List can be downloaded from WADA’s website, consulted via the free iPhone application or accessed using other mobile devices via the Prohibited List microsite.

A summary of modifications to the 2016 Prohibited List can be found on WADA's website.

Best regards,

World Anti-Doping Agency

WAKO Activity Calendar 2016 - update 20/01/2016

Dear WAKO members,

Please find herewith enclosed WAKO activity calendar 2016.

By the present we would like to remind you the following WAKO Championships for next year:

Dublin (Ireland), 27th August-3rd September, 2016:
WAKO Cadets/Juniors World Championships (All Disciplines)

Antalya (Turkey), 22nd- 29th October, 2016
WAKO Senior European Championships (K-1, Low Kick, Kick Light)

Cancun, Mexico, 27th-30th October, 2016:
9º Pan American Kickboxing Championships (All styles)

Athens (Greece), 19th-27th November, 2016:
WAKO Senior European Championships (Point Fighting, Full Contact, Light Contact, Musical Forms)

In case of any query, change or additional information please contact WAKO IF Administration: barbaraf@wakoweb.com

Kickboxing on the European Games

New elected WAKO President Mr. Borislav Pelevic and Mr. Roy Baker, acting President of WAKO Europe, had a meeting in Dublin with Mr. Patrick Hickey, President of the European Olympic Committee (in the picture on the left with Mr. Pelevic).

Mr Pat Hickey was specially invited to the finals of the Championships in Dublin, where he had the opportunity not only to meet the new WAKO President but also to enjoy the best fights of the Championships. 

Theme of the meeting was participation of kickboxing on the next European Games 2019 in Sochi, Russia. On this occasion, it was announced the visit of Mr. Borislav Pelevic and Mr. Roy Baker to Moscow, where they will meet Russian Minister of Sport.

New elected WAKO IF President and Board, Dublin

The WAKO IF Ordinary General Assembly was held today, Tuesday 24th November 2014, at City West Convention Centre in Dublin, Ireland.

Quorum was reached without any problem at the presence of 60 WAKO members holding voting rights and Mr. Borislav Pelevic, President of Serbian Kickboxing Federation, former WAKO IF Vice President and WAKO EUROPE President, was elected by majority as new WAKO IF President (only two countries abstained).


Nach Problemen - Roy Baker neuer Acting President des WAKO Weltverbandes

Dear WAKO (IF) members,

At the recent convened Board meeting held in San Sebastian, Spain, the WAKO Board have agreed to issue the following statement.

Without prejudice of the other reasons indicated by the VP in the minutes of their meeting, WAKO would like to communicate to the Members through our  website that one of the main reason for which Mr Salim Kayici was revoked as Acting President was because the VP put as a condition for his appointment that he would not run for the position of President during the next GA and violation of that condition was one of the violations of conditions by him.

Respectfully yours

Roy Baker

Acting President WAKO IF

First Vice President WAKO Europe

To all WAKO Members, by Espen Lund

Dear all great kickboxing colleagues,

First of all thank you all for the great time and the great cooperation we have had in my time as Acting President of WAKO. Also, thank you to those who show attention, care and understanding.

As most of you have noted I have resigned as Acting President and I took this initiative myself due to personal reasons. I assume many of you wonder why a person want to resign from a position as an Acting President. Well, for me it is important to take care of the present situation and to contribute in WAKO and to protect WAKO in the best way I can, now.


Report on SportAccord Convention 2015

The SportAccord Convention in Sochi has ended.
We participated in several General Assemblies, as SportAccord and IWGA and we had observer status in the General Assemblies within ARISF and ASOIF.
Delegates from WAKO were Salim Kayıcı, Espen Lund and Nasser Nassiri.
What happened in Sochi was in many ways dramatic when President Vizer initiated a real emotional and controversial discussion about the realism of the IOC reform process. Without going into detail, this started some intensive discussions between the IFs and some of them indicated their withdrawal of membership in SportAccord. All this information and press releases were launched, so they can be found at SportAccord and ASOIF websites. The SportAccord Convention is  a big opportunity to meet colleagues, organizations and partners. Here are some meetings we conducted;


WAKO Medical Rules and Changes

Published on Friday, 03 April 2015 17:07

Dear WAKO Members,

By the present please find here below enclosed documents approved at the WAKO IF Board Meeting held on 18thMarch in Istanbul, Turkey. 

These documents and procedures now replace any other form previously issued by WAKO.  

It is really important that you distribute this documentation to your medical teams and also your Coaching teams who in turn will issue to all athletes to ensure your officials are all aware of the new documents and procedure


Die nächsten Word Combat Games finden in Peru statt

SportAccord World Combat Games 2017 to be held in Peru

SportAccord is pleased to announce that the third edition of the World Combat Games will be organised in Lima, Peru in the end of 2017. The agreement to organise the event in the capital city of Peru was signed between Marius L. Vizer, president of SportAccord and José Quiñones González, the president of the Peru Olympic Committee.


Neuer Acting Präsident gewählt.

Salim Kayici ist der neue Acting Präsident des Weltverbandes. Das ergab die Sitzung des Weltpräsidiums in Istanbul. Eine Neuwahl war nötig geworden, weil Espen Lund aus privaten und gesundheitlichen Gründen zurückgetreten war. Die Sitzung in Istanbul leitete als Chairman in Abwesenheit von Espen Lund der Dienstälteste Vizepräsident Werner Soßna aus Deutschland. Die Abstimmung der fünf Vizepräsidenten fiel mit 3:2 für Salim Kajici (Präsident des Türkischen Kickboxverbandes) aus, der das Amt des Präsidenten somit  bis zu den Neuwahlen übernehmen wird.

Da Soßna die Sitzung als Chairman bis dahin souverän geleitet hatte, bat Salim ihn auch die anschließende Sitzung des Board of directors zu leiten. Diesem Wunsch kam der Vizepräsident aus Deutschland gerne nach.